GATE (The Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering) 2017 Exam is primarily a gateway for qualifying candidates to secure their admissions for postgraduate programs in famously centrally funded Indian institutions. This year, GATE 2017 exam will be conducted by IIT Roorkee. As you are already aware that physical calculators are not allowed over there in the exam, here what you can take along with you is only the Virtual calculator.


They are provided in the exam but besides, if you are giving your GATE exam first time, you must know how to use this GATE Virtual Calculator 2017. So here through this article, we are about to endow you with majorly all the details that you want to know about the virtual calculator which will help you understand its basic know how and you will be familiar withal kinds of operations.

There are many private sector companies which value he score card of GATE to provide job opportunities. Every gate student who is preparing for the exam is aware of the fact that Virtual Calculator has been introduced. Those who are new to this machine can now easily grab all the details related to GATE virtual calculator thorough this article.

GATE Virtual Calculator

Aspirant candidates can easily access the virtual calculator at the time of examination hall only. There is no need to bring on the physical calculator as it is not allowed in the examination all. Instead, virtual calculator will be provided to the students which contain all the functions and operators to carry out all the operations. Candidates will be able to access this calculator on the examination day.

This will be accessible only through the mouse as there would be no use of keyword to use the same. Virtual calculator, in terms of feature and uses is almost same as the physical calculator and contains all the functions and operations, but what makes it different is that it’s only available online and will be accessed only through the computer available at the examination centre.

Important Features of GATE 2017 Virtual Calculator

  • In virtual calculator, there are numeric keys on the right hand side which you can use for input the digits and operators for carrying out all your operations.
  • And on the left side, there are scientific functions and operations. You can easily perform your calculations with simple clicks by the help of mouse only.
  • Besides, there are also trigonometric and hyperbolic functions such as Sin, Cos, Tan that are grouped together and their inverse is also given below them.
  • At the tops of the GATE virtual calculator, you can find two boxes. In the top box, all the operations are performed while on the second box, it shows the results of your input.

Other Salient Features Include:

  • GATE virtual calculator provided ruing the exam is non-programmable calculator
  • You can use this for solving cubic, simultaneous as well as quadratic equations
  • You won’t be allowed to carry your physical calculator in the exam hall
  • All the calculations in the virtual calculator will be performed through mouse only. Keyboard is not required at all.

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