Tips By Toppers: How To Prepare For Gate Exam?

In Gate Exams, each paper has more than 10 subjects and there for, it sounds to be a very cumbersome task to prepare for GATE exams in two months that is logically very less time to prepare in a concrete manner.

You must have to pre-plan all your studies for the exam at least 3-4 months earlier before the GATE exam. And those who are looking ahead to attempt the GATE examination first time should not fear by seeing the number of subjects.

Aspiring candidate must do a proper analysis of the GATE syllabus, including- knowing about the subjects, topics of the subjects and examining the order of subject preparations.

What are some of the major points which one needs to put into consideration while preparing for the GATE exam 20017?

  • Gather as much as important resources as you can
  • Understand the full in-out of the GATE syllabus
  • Wisely prepare the revision quotes
  • Initiate your preparation with complete dedication
  • Practice Quizzes/tests

Other methods for GATE Exam Preparation:

Distinguish the syllabus as well as the weightage of each subject

  • As there are number of subjects in the syllabus, it’s important to observe the important subjects within the syllabus
  • Plan your preparation with known subjects and match your comprehension with the GATE syllabus
  • Prioritize the importance of each subject based on last year question papers.

Collect Effective & Materials for GATE preparation

You cannot achieve your GATE goals without right study material so make sure that you have right and trusted resources and books to plan ahead in a successful manner

  • For each subject, if you read one or two books that are enough but make sure that they are effective and have been written by good writers
  • Focus on random books rather than sticking to single one
  • You can also consider online video lecture over YouTube and other platforms, coaching notes and course material
  • Prepare the books that you have pursued during undergraduate course.

Important things to remember and follow during the exam preparation

  • Don’t underestimate the previous year question patterns
  • Also, practice on the last year questions during the preparations
  • Understand the concepts deeply, practice on thoughts and revise them regularly
  • Some of the questions in GATE are conceptual and numerical, so you need to improve and solve them to check your ability and time management score to get good rank

Spare some extra time and plan your exam as earlier as possible

  • If you indeed want to crack the GATE exam, give it a start 4 to 8 months before the exam date
  • Create the preparation plan daily wise or weekly wise by putting enough time for each subject you are planning for
  • Include syllabus completion, revision, and practicing tests in your exam preparation
  • It would be great if you make a time table list and formulate your daily tasks. Once you come in habit, you will achieve your goals for sure.

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